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How Are Instant Implants Different From Regular Implants?

Instant implants, or immediate load dental implants are designed specially to be able to be loaded right after implantation. This means no healing time, once the dental implant is inserted, it can be used to bite and chew immediately after the anesthetic has worn off. This of course raises many questions in patient’s minds; what is that structural difference that makes this possible? Is it worth it? Are there any consequences? With this article, I aim to explain a little bit about how these implants work, and how they are different from regular dental implants.


To begin with, instant dental implants are smaller in diameter than regular dental implants. They are usually squatter as well, but they can be just as long as a normal implant, but they are almost always smaller in diameter. Instant implants are also tapered differently, so as to fit into the jaw more snuggly.

The main structural difference though is that instant dental implants come with little ‘wings’, two small raised ends towards the end of the implant. This way the instant implants actually act like a screw, thus getting a hold into your jawbone in the same manner. This is what makes sure that the implant will not move, as it is not just placed into the jaw, but actually screwed into it, and since it is smaller, the jaw will be taxed less, this is how you can be sure that your jaw will not be damaged when chewing or biting.



The process by which a dental implant is accepted into the jawbone is called osseointegration, and this process takes about three months, regardless of the dental implant. Instant implants also undergo this process, but you do not have to wait for the entire process to be complete, as the instant implant will be secured into your jawbone. The process will still occur, and greater stability will be induced through this process.


As with all dental implants, instant implants are not for everyone. You need to have a strong and healthy jawbone in order to receive them. The reason is that there needs to be enough material for the instant implant to lock into, and the jawbone needs to be thick enough so that the taxation of the implant does not cause damage to the jawbone itself. Bone grafts cannot be a solution to this problem, as the bone graft material is such that the implant will not be able to lock into it properly, it will break too easily. People suffering from periodontal diseases, diabetes, or osteoporosis are also inelligible for this treatment, as the bone material is not strong enough to be loaded immediately.

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