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How many bone grafts can you have?

The teeth in your mouth are not just rooted into the jawbone, they do not just stand alone in the bone. They are supported by your gums, and also something called the alveolus, which is located beneath the visible gum line, and consists of a thin ridge of bone, ligaments, and soft tissues. When there is no tooth in it, the alveolus starts to decay and disintegrate, weakening the stability of the rest of your teeth.

A bone graft

In order to get dental implants, you need to have a dense and healthy bone structure around it, or else the dental implants will fail. In order to thicken up your bone material, a bone graft is needed. This is a procedure in which your gum is cut open, and some bone material is inserted underneath it it, along with the dental implant. The material stuck in place will hold the dental implant fast, and will stabilize the dental implant.

bone graft

How many bone grafts can you have?

A bone graft is an extremely invasive surgery, it involves sticking things into a surgical opening, and it involves enhancing your tissue. This is why in one specific spot, one quarter of your jaw, as it were, this procedure can only be done once. Afterwards it is dangerous to open up this area again, and it is best if the area remains sealed and the bone graft material is left untouched. This means that if, let’s say you have two missing teeth but have a molar or two left still, the best advice is to wait. You should get a bridge or a removable bridge to replace the teeth you do not have and restore healthy chewing function, as this will eliminate problems you have, but you should wait until all of your teeth are gone in a quadrant before getting a bone graft.

You should always consult your dentist, and hear their opinion about the issues. Ask them if you will need another graft, or what the fate of the remaining teeth would be on the quadrant, and if you can get dental implants without having to bother the planned graft in order to get them. These questions are important, and should be discussed early on in detail.

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