iPads Used As Implant Motor?

Apple have been the talk of the town for years now, but this new innovation will blow your mind! Aside from the many uses as phones, personal computers, and the strange go between that is the iPad, it was only a matter of time before Apple products finally found their way into clinical applications as well.

Dental innovations, have launched their iPad operated drill motor

The folks at Noble industries, always at the forefront of dental innovations, have launched their iPad operated drill motor! This motor is used for the placement of dental implants, it is essentially a dental implant motor that uses the iPad as a monitoring platform. The usual monitor is where the iPad goes, and the motor can be hooked up to the iPad, giving dentists a safe, easy and comfortable overview of what they are doing under the surface. This is the first iPad run implant motor, and it is truly a historic moment. This dental implant motor, called OsseoPro (TM), is also useful as the iPad can not just monitor, but can also record and store the information that has been fed through it.


The iPad is transformed into a monitoring device through the use of an app, available for free at the Apple app store. The app also allows multiple users to access and see the same information, even at the point of recording, so sharing clinical information between dentists and oral surgeons can be as simple as just turning on an iPad!
The app is incredibly user friendly, and can be used to adjust torque, angle, and a host of other things when used. The application has been made available since last October, and it is ready for download now!

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