Missing Front Teeth

Replacing front teeth with crowns is always a sensitive procedure. The appearance of the restorations is of heightened importance, and there is also the problem of which method of tooth replacement to choose, as there are many, and finding the one that is best suited to your specific circumstance can be tricky.


Types of dental bridges
We recommend getting a dental bridge to replace front teeth, even if only a single tooth is missing. Bridges look more natural, unless you are getting a dental implant. Here are the different kinds of dental bridges used to replace missing front teeth.
Dental implants
The best solution, but also the costliest one is to get a dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is drilled into the jawbone, and a crown is placed on top of the dental implant to replace the visible portion of the tooth. The finished result looks just like a natural tooth, especially if you use zirconium crowns. Dental implants are also the restoration that is best for your health, as this is the only one that restores the root and crown of a missing tooth, which stops the alveolus from disintegrating, causing further tooth loss.

Maryland bridges
The cheapest solution and one that is especially good if you have only one tooth missing is to get a Maryland bridge. The crowns on a Maryland bridge come with little wings, which attach to the backs of the teeth next to the missing one, creating a seamless look.

Regular bridges
If you still have enough of the tooth left to not warrant an extraction, a regular bridge can be made to solve the problem. In this case, the crowns look like little caps that are placed atop the teeth after they have been shaped.

The importance of crowns
What kind of crowns you decide to buy is extremely important when dealing with restoring front teeth. Metal free, zirconium oxide crowns are the best solution to replacing front teeth, because they mimic actual living teeth the best. They play with light and have a tooth coloured internal structure, so you don’t get that typical dark line between the tooth and crown that was emblematic of metal based crowns. These teeth will be visible every time you smile, which is why we recommend metal free crowns to all of our patients in need of crowns on front teeth, even if zirconium crowns are a bit more expensive.

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