My dental implant feels fine

The healing time provided is not a provisional, ‘just to be on the safe side’ sort of time frame. The dental implant has to be accepted by the jaw bone, and new bone needs to form around the dental implant in order to make it so that the dental implant does not move around, causing pain, alveolar and periodontal damage, and ultimately resulting in dental implant failure. The healing time is so long because bone grows slowly. The process of a dental implant becoming integrated into the bone is called osseointegration. This osseointegration needs to occur, and the dental implant needs to be as stable as possible, and that takes around three months. While some people heal faster than others, three months is about the minimum possible time that we can allot to this process. Even if the dental implant feels stable, it may quickly become less so if it is used when the jawbone has not had sufficient time to integrate the dental implant into the general bone structure. 

Do I really need to wait this long to get my crown, and why do I have to wait months?


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