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ASK YOUR DENTIST 33 - Periodontitis

“Dear Doctor,

I know I need to see a dentist, but I have very little money. I have no money to go to a consultation and shell out the massive fees for dental treatment, so I was wondering if you can tell me what I have, and then I can start saving up money to get the situation cleared. First of all, my gums have slowly but surely changed color, and now they are a bit swollen and a dark purplish hue instead of red and healthy. They are also a little lumpy looking. My teeth also have changed color, where they are now quite yellowish, and I never had a cavity either. What is happening? Why is it happening?

Thank you, Darryl”

no money

Hi there Darryl,

The institution of dental consultations exists for a very good reason, and that reason is not to line dentists pockets. It is because a truly accurate diagnosis can only be given if the dentist can see the problem, see how far gone it is, and see the actual problem that needs to be solved. However, based on your description, I can maintain a few things with absolute certainty.

First of all, you have periodontitis. Your discoloration of the gums accompanied with swelling are classic symptoms of periodontitis. This means you have a gum disease that attacks every tissue in your mouth, including your teeth, and eventually your jawbone. If you do not get it fixed, the swelling will continue,along with bleeding, and eventually you will start losing teeth because of it.

You mentioned your teeth turning color, too. This can be a result of two things. Either the bacteria have attacked the internal structures of your teeth, and you are now going to have to deal with the fact that your teeth are now infected, or the bacteria have eaten away at your enamel, and your cementum is showing. Either way, you will have to have some reconstructive work done on your teeth, even if there are no cavities. I recommend going to a consultation session as soon as possible, and it is very likely that the dentist will, at first, prescribe a healthy dose of antibiotics to you.

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