Pre-Operative Instructions

Although it might not be as important as keeping the post operative instruction, many patients tend to forget to get ready, both physically and mentally, for an invasive oral surgery like bone grafting. Having correct pre-operative behaviour will help your healing process, and speed it up greatly, while the risk of infection and postoperative complications will be minimized. The first and most important thing you can do is brush and floss thoroughly before going to your dentist, oral surgeon or periodontist, so as to minimize the amount of bacteria present in your mouth and saliva, as this will reduce the risk of infections greatly. Facial hair should also be trimmed to the extent that it will not touch the affected area, and ladies are kindly ask to refrain from wearing make up.  


It is important to not eat anything at least 3 hours before operation. This is because if your body experiences a great trauma, like oral surgery, you may feel queasy afterwards, and that is not a good thing. There are also hygienic issues involved, as if there are bits of food stuck in your teeth, they may become dislodged and may infect the surgical site, or may otherwise complicate treatment. A light meal is suggested prior to surgery.



Anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen or Tylenol is suggested before the surgery, as this will cause the inevitable swelling to be less severe. Such medication should be started 24-48 hours before the scheduled surgery, and it should be taken as prescribed. If you are taking any antibiotics, allergy medicine or heart medication, you should continue to take it as prescribed, as these medications will not interfere with your treatment. If you are taking blood thinners because of an existing condition, you should discuss with your physician and your dentist prior to surgery. It is a good policy to tell your dentist about any sort of medication you are taking prior to surgery, as some of them may interfere with blood flow or may interact with pain medication prescribed for the post surgical period. If you are taking anti-anxiety medication, make sure you have someone escort you to and from the clinic. Pain medication can also be taken 24-48 hours before the surgery takes place, as this will make the entire operation process less taxing on the patient. You can get the dentist or oral surgeon who will perform the bone graft to write you a prescription for such medicine prior to your surgery. 

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