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Repairing teeth without fillings

Dentists all over the world have but one goal: to fight oral diseases and to make sure that everyone has healthy teeth in a healthy oral environment. The easiest way to do that is to emphasise prevention, to exclude factors that cause harm, and to change as little as possible, with minimum intervention. This way, the body can heal itself, and can develop stronger and more precise immune reactions. 

The best way to do this is to not use fillings but to let the teeth heal themselves. But how is this possible with teeth? Read on and find out!

The new method for tooth repair

By stimulating an enzyme known as GSK-3, researchers at King’s College have managed to see incredible recoveries on big cavities. Big cavities, where large portions of the tooth are already missing from the teeth in question, are difficult to fill because of their size and shape. But a sponge soaked in GSK-3, when placed into the cavity, degraded over time and left a row of dentine in its place. This triggered the tooth to make more dentine, and incredible rates of recovery were seen afterwards.

The problem with fillings

Many readers with dental fillings will probably have formulated the question by now: “why, what’s wrong with fillings?” Truth to be told, nothing, really, but they can use some improving upon. Fillings tend to degrade over time, and you will need larger and larger fillings. Infections frequently start on the small border between the fillings and the tooth material, and you will need to remove bits of your teeth when their surfaces become infected from time to time. With completely natural regeneration, and your own tooth material being used, you are at a much greater advantage, as no fillings are used, the cavity is completely sealed and ceases to exist, and thus the chances of reinfection dwindle.

The GSK-3 enzyme that may be the key to life without tooth decay

A reality?

The GSK-3 enzyme is being used in many facets of medical science, and is being worked on as a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and a miracle cure to replace dental fillings, but so far, it is only in the clinical phase. After clinical trials are complete, scientists need to think of the optimal, easy to use delivery system (like a pill, gel or paste), and get it patented, and then it can become a product that cures cavities forever. When this will happen is anyone’s guess, but probably within our lifetime.       

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