Smoking and Dental Implants

Yet another study has seen the light of day which proves that smoking can cause dental implant failure. This is small surprise to the world of dentistry, as the negative effects of smoking on the human oral cavity have been known for a long time. We wish to deal a little with what kinds of troubles you can expect if you have dental implants and still continue to smoke.

Dental implant and smoking
Dental implant and smoking

Smoking and dental implant failure

This recent study, that has been released by the ADA, followed 165 smokers who got dental implants, and found that their rate of dental implant failure was 14.8%, compared to just 1.4 % for non-smokers. That is massive, and it means smokers are ten times more likely to encounter dental implant failure right at the onset of getting a dental implant. But that is not the only thing that can happen.

Smokers and other oral diseases

Aside from failing more often, smokers also encounter receding gums, more brittle bones, and an oral environment in which the tissues are more likely to be frail and lead to peri-implantitis as well. Smokers usually encounter xerostomia, or chronic dryness of the mouth because of their habit, which is the cause of most dental implant related problems in their demographic. The dry and brittle gums and lack of lubrication will cause more problems in and around the dental implant, and increases the risk of periodontitis, which is also a factor in eventual dental implant failure.

Get help

If you are thinking of getting dental implants, it is best to do some preliminary dental work before you decide to put the money down. You should get a hygiene session, and possibly a polishing, and get all of the dental work you may need aside from the dental implants, particularly if you have periodontitis or any other similar problem, as a bacterial infection will cause problems in the long run. One of the things you need to do before hand is to quit smoking. This is something that many people cannot do by themselves, and it is okay to ask for help in these cases, and you should be aware that help is available. Quitting is extremely difficult but not impossible, especially if a professional is helping you along your way. 

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