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The Process Of Getting Veneers

veneer-processThere are many rumours floating around on the internet about the process of getting veneers. Many claim that in the process of getting veneers, your natural living teeth will be ruined, and that you may never be able to eat or speak without veneers ever again. Needless to say, these stories are greatly exaggerated, because who would actually go and get a cosmetic dental procedure done if it cost them the ability to speak or eat? Ludicrous stories aside, there is always a grain of truth behind every rumour, no matter how exaggerated and pushed out of proportion they may be. Let us examine what these basics are by looking at the actual process for getting veneers, and than we can gain some insight into whether or not these rumours are founded on something factual at all, or if they are just paranoid daydreams.

The Process

On the first visit, you will go to your doctor and you will have a consultation session with him/her, where the shape of the veneers that are needed will be discussed, and the correct shade will also be agreed upon. After this the dentist will tell you what kind of preparation work your teeth will need to go through in order to fit well with the veneers that you have chosen. Just remember that a veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, and if your teeth are sticking out between or from underneath the veneers, they will not look convincing. This is why your teeth will probably need to be shaped so as to be able to accommodate the veneers, and result in a convincing smile. Your teeth will be shaped by rounding the edges, and making each tooth surface smooth so that it can receive the veneers while looking as natural as possible. Places where teeth overlap will also be shaped so that they do not overlap, but are instead smooth and can receive the dental veneer.

The Origin Of The Myths

I think what scares lay people the most is that their teeth will be filed down for this procedure. Not understanding the process enough, they just understand that the dentist will change the way their teeth look to accommodate the veneers. And this is where imaginations start to run wild. This is a scary concept, and truth be told, your teeth will not look the same before you got veneers, and after you have them removed for any reason. But the whole idea of veneers is that they provide a permanent solution for people who are not happy with their smiles. So if you are happy with the way your teeth look, don’t get veneers. For those of you who are thinking of getting veneers, it is possible to tell the dentist that you do not want your teeth shaped, but even better news, veneers last as long as crowns do, and they can be whitened just like natural teeth. So there is really no reason not to get them, if you feel like you want them.  

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