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Tips For Choosing Awesome Colourful Braces!

Orthodontic treatment is a necessity, but it does not need to be drab and unpleasant. Both the brackets and the ligature of braces can be colourful and interesting, and are a great way to show off your personality. The colour scheme can say something about you, can reflect your mood or the things you are engaged in, and you can accessorize your braces and have them match your outfit or your uniform. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of having to wear traditional fixed braces!


Colour wheel

A colour wheel is an orthodontic tool which lists all of the colours that braces are available in. Your orthodontist will have a colour wheel, and this will give you a good chance to choose one of the colours from it. Remember that the colour of your choice will look a few shades lighter once it is in the mouth.

5 great tips for colourful braces

1) Colour scheme

Colours, and different pairings of colours have different meanings. They can represent pretty much anything, from national identity to football affiliation to celebrations. For patriots; get the colours of your national flag on your brackets, or the colours of your favourite football team. If you want to show school spirit, you can get the colours of your school on there as well. Holidays are a great time to accessorize; get red and white for Christmas, green for St. Patricks, orange and yellow for Halloween, etc.!

2) Accessorize

Get braces that match your outfits. If you have a favourite colour, or a colour that you often wear, it is a good idea to get brackets in that colour, to go with what you are wearing. If you have a work uniform that must be worn and is a given colour, perhaps getting braces in that hue can also be fun.

3) Darker colours

Usually darker colours like purple, navy blue and dark grey look better on teeth, as they make the teeth behind them look brighter and more appealing. These colours can be quite fun and do not need to be sombre and the context which they are in (the human mouth, which is full of pink and white) makes them look a lot more fun.

4) Colours to avoid

Avoid wearing white or black or colours that remind the onlooker of food. Black looks like you may have cavities or your teeth may have particles stuck in it, while white makes the teeth they are on look darker by comparison, and is very unflattering. Colours like pink, peach and salmon look like you may have not brushed after a meal.

5) Proper hygiene

No matter what colour you wear, it is absolutely important that you clean the braces regularly and thoroughly. Food particles and staining will show up, and can change the colour of your braces into a less desirable shade, which then gives off a different effect than the previously intended one.

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