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What is a Post and Core Tooth Replacement Method?

The short answer is: post and core is a really potent alternative of dental implant if the oral state of the patient let the dentist apply it.  

Sometimes a tooth is so far gone that a layperson would not think it could be replaced at all. The top cusps of a tooth can be entirely gone, and it can look like a hollowed out, jagged mess, but a post and core along with a dental crown can have the tooth not only regain its function perfectly, but can help the tooth look like its old self again, and can elongate the life span of the tooth by years, possibly even decades, provided that there are no other preliminary problems with the gums or adjacent teeth.
But what is this miracle tooth replacement procedure? What indeed is a post and core, how much does it cost, how long does it take and what does it entail? Read on and find out.

Post and core tooth replacement method
Post and core tooth replacement method

When the inside of the tooth has been compromised and infected, and the dentine and tooth pulp are completely gone. Once these are removed, the tooth is basically hollowed out, and is instable, and can easily break, chip and crack and entirelly ready for a tooth replacement. But even if the supporting structures are mostly gone and decayed, they can be built up. The dentist can place a post inside of the tooth structure, right in the middle of the tooth, and have that stabilise the tooth itself. After filing up the remainder of the tooth with a root filling, the tooth will be stable enough to house a dental crown. This way the alveolus will not disintegrate and you can keep your original tooth root, which is a great thing, as you will not need an extraction, and the tooth in question will have been given a second life. 

Specifics of post and core tooth replacement 

Although the post and core filling can be done immediately, the time frame of treatment can be up to a week. If a post and core tooth replacement method is needed, the dentist will need to take an impression of your teeth and make a dental crown according to that impression, which usually takes up to one business week. If the infection is far gone, then a course of antibiotic fillings may need to be placed into the tooth, just like with a root canal treatment, and changed until the infection is fought off. Only after this can the sealing and rebuilding of the tooth begin. 

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