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What is so special about Damon braces?

 With so many different types of orthodontic systems to choose from, and so much malicious, unsolicited advice and horror stories floating around on the internet, it can become quite difficult to know what properties a brace truly has, and if its right for you. When searching for the right system of orthodontics, one is bombarded with clever marketing ploys proclaiming that this brace will save humanity, while on the other hand unfounded rumours abound about how someone knew someone who knew someone who had these braces and died because of them. With this article I intend to clear up some of the confusion about the Damon orthodontic system.

The process

If you decide to get Damon braces, the first thing that will happen is an impression will be taken, and a study model will be made. This study model will then be sent to Damon enterprises, who will make a series of archwires and the brackets themselves, and send them back to your orthodontist. This usually takes about 3 weeks, all included. Once your orthodontist has the parts, he will adhere the brackets to your teeth, and every month you will be required to come back once a month to get a new archwire installed. This means that the Damon system does not use tightening of the brackets or wire, but instead uses a new wire with each time an activation is deemed necessary.

This is one of the fundamental differences between Damon braces and other orthodontic systems, the nature and use of the archwire. Now a little about the brackets.  



Damon systems use a patented, self-ligating bracket. This bracket is special because it renders the use of elastics, or rubber bands, obsolete. The brackets can be set in almost any position or angle, thus guiding the wire to the exact prehensile strength or torque to the exact surface it needs to push or pull on. This is how the brackets themselves use ligation.   

Shorter Treatment time

Because of the properties mentioned above, Damon systems will usually solve an orthodontic problem much faster than leading fixed orthodontic appliances. It is hard to determine exactly how much shorter a treatment time will be, however. This is because each person has a different mouth, and each person’s periodontal tissue will react differently to orthodontic treatment. Age, sex and flexibility of bones also play a major role in how long an individual orthodontic treatment lasts, and these are hard to determine without an extensive orthodontic consultation. Once this consultation has taken place, an orthodontist should be able to give you a pretty exact time frame as to how long you will have to wear the braces to achieve the desired result. If you have the chance, compare that time frame with a treatment time that is offered for a regular orthodontic appliance, and you may find yourself quite amazed as to how much shorter treatment can be.

On the downside, Damon braces are usually substantially more expensive than regular fixed orthodontic appliances. You are basically paying more money to get a better system, that requires shorter treatment time and less hassle, and is more aesthetically pleasing.

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