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What To Do With A Chipped Veneer

Veneers are usually made of porcelain, which is tougher than teeth, but they can still crack or chip just like natural living teeth or crowns. When this happens, it causes the veneers to become unsightly, and even dangerous, as you can cut your tongue or lips on the edge of the veneer that sticks out from the tooth. You will need a solution fast, but making a new veneer takes about a week, and in the meantime, removing the veneer isn’t much of an option, as the teeth underneath veneers are unsightly. What to do?


The first thing you need to do is relax. First calmly inspect the damaged veneer. Is a piece missing? Is it just cracked? If a piece is missing, you will need to find the piece that got chipped off. If the piece cannot be found, there is nothing you can do, you will need to get the veneer replaced. If the piece can be found, you can recement it with dental cement, these are over the counter dental adherents that are non-toxic and can adhere prosthetics to teeth quickly and easily, and are available at most pharmacies. Simply mix the cement, apply it to the piece that fell off, and gently push it on to the tooth surface it came off of. Hold it in place for 2-3 minutes, until the cement hardens.


If you have a crack in your veneer, you can fill it up with temporary tooth filling material. This material is also available at most pharmacies, and is also an over the counter drug. Follow the description on the box. You can use a q-tip or a toothpick to apply the material to the crack in the veneers surface. After the material has set, you can use dental floss to remove any of the excess material that may be outside or around the crack.

See A Dentist

As with all home remedies, they are only a way to make it through the time that you may need to wait until you see your dentist. Sometimes queues are quite long, and the dentist may make you wait before being able to see you. Aside from that, the making of veneer takes around a week as well, and you may need to look your best in the meantime. So you can use the solutions offered above, but don’t believe that they are permanent solutions, you will still need to see a dentist.

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