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Zuga Medical To Simplify Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implantation is quickly becoming the method of choice for lasting tooth replacement. This is a small wonder, because the only other alternative is to get bridge work or a partial denture, which does not stop the alveolar tissue from disintegrating, and thus does not stop tooth loss. But many people are reluctant to get dental implants because of the invasive surgery, and the high price of dental implants. This is the problem that entrepeneur Chan Wang seeks to bridge, and her company, Zuga Medical, a Chinese American firm, has been working hard at finding a solution precisely for this problem.

Zuga Medical

Founded in 2006, this relatively new company has been at the forefront of dental innovations since the moment of its inception. Their current project is to make dental implants simpler and more accessible without training. The vision of this company is to make a dental implant system that can be operated by general dentists, and can give patients dental implants for less, thereby making the procedure accessible to everyone.


New Technology

The main thing that Zuga Medical seeks to accomplish in the pursuit of their dream is the development of new technology. The idea is to make a drill motor that is user friendly, and has pre-fabricated settings that would allow general dentists to use the implant motors for implantation. The trick is to make sure that these indispensable tools are manufactured at less cost, making them cheaper to buy, and thereby making sure that the drill motors find their way into the practices of dentists who otherwise do not handle dental implants.

Achieving The Goals

So far, angle investors have been spoken to, and a bid for one and a half million dollars is currently being negotiated. The dental company has already received a hundred thousand dollars in order to finance their experiments and their development program. If this larger bid can be achieved, and investors decide to put their money into this program, great things can come from this project, and the face of dental implantology and tooth replacement would be changed forever, making the procedure even more widespread, and providing even more patients with a solution to their tooth loss.

Price: £5,8/D

​Change your life once and for all with our top quality dental implants ‐ from the price of £5,8 per day only and no interest to pay.*

The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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