All-on-4 tooth implant consultation for £75!

All-on-4 tooth implant consultation for £75!

Fixed dentures in a day!

The package contains:

  • Consultation with Dr. Eleftherios Martinis about the All-on-4 teeth replacement option
  • Impression taking
  • OPG
  • Medical assessment, complete dental check-up

After the initial appointment, a treatment plan will be prepared for you, which will be sent to you via e-mail.

The £75 consultation fee will be deducted from the total price if you start the treatment.

All-on-4 tooth implant consultation for £75!

Offer description:

All-on-4 solution means a complete denture based on 4 implants. Implants are integrated into the jaw bone and hold the denture safely. So after All-on-4 treatment you do not have to worry about your denture anymore, you can clean it just like you have real teeth. And the best about it: teeth replacement procedure with All-on-4 takes only one day.

All-on-4 (Same day teeth) can be a perfect solution for you:

  • if you have no teeth at all
  • if you have wide gaps and most of your teeth are loose or failing   
  • if you have slurred speech and/or gum irritation due to an ill-fitting denture
  • if you would like to enjoy all kinds of food on the long term without worrying of a sliding denture
  • if your self-confidence is affected by your denture/lack of teeth and would like a natural looking and permanent solution

How does the treatment look like?

  • First consultation (£75): Our experienced tooth replacement specialist will examine your situation, the state of your teeth and jawbone
  • CBCT: in most cases a 3D CBCT scan is required to plan your treatment.
  • All-on-4 (Same day teeth) appointment:
    • Morning
      • Surgical appointment: Implant placement under local anaesthesia.
    • Noon
      • Our technicians prepare the visible part of your new teeth.
    • Afternoon
      • Fitting: the visible part of your new teeth will be fitted.
  • After the All-on-4 appointment comes the around 3 months healing time, and then you get your permanent denture

The offer is valid until the 30th of September, 2018.

Details of the offer:

  • Not to be combined with other special offers
  • Only one treatment per person
  • Prior phone or e-mail booking required
  • General cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply

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