Oral Surgery

oral surgery


A frenectomy is a procedure in which the frenulum, that bit of soft tissue that connects the bottom of your mouth to your tongue, is cut. Usually because it is too long, causing gaps in the front teeth, or too short, causing speech impediments and unsightly gummy smiles. 
This is a one step surgery, involving just one visit. The dentist cuts the frenulum, and disinfects the region. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic, and takes only around 15 minutes to complete. The cut usually heals within a few days, but it should not take longer than a week under any circumstances.


A curettage is essentially a deep cleaning using surgical techniques in order to excise bacterial infections. The alveolus is usually exposed, and the infected tissue is removed, leaving only healthy tissues. This is a routine, single visit oral surgical procedure when a regular hygiene session is not enough to clean the area properly. A curette is always performed under local anaesthetic. Afterwards a healing antibacterial medication is applied to the area, which is sewed up. The area may need to heal for around a week. 

Gum Grafts

Periodontal surgery, smoking, and many other events, habits and choices can make the gums recede from off of the teeth. In these cases gum grafts, which take soft tissues and attach it to the place it is missing from, may become necessary. Gum grafts are a single visit oral surgical procedure. The gum is cut from one area, or artificial gum is sometimes used (extremely rarely), and the gum material is then sewn unto the area where more soft tissues are needed. The healing time is somewhere around 3 months until the new tissue is completely accepted and incorporated.

Surgical Tooth extraction

Certain teeth cannot be extracted using simple methods. Very frequently these teeth are either wisdom teeth, teeth have not grown properly or are impacted, or broken and twisted teeth. 
Surgical tooth extractions are a single visit oral surgical procedure with a short healing time. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic, and the soft tissues are cut away, until the tooth can be easily removed, after which the aperture will be sewn shut. The procedure is pain free, but there is a healing time, and you must be especially circumspect in cleaning the area!

Cyst removal

Cysts are small outgrowths of flesh that the body produces around foreign materials that have entered the body. Although it is not malignant or unhealthy, it never stops growing and can become painful if it reaches a certain size. Cyst removal is a single visit surgical procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic. The entire cyst can be removed, or merely the foreign body it has grown around. The healing of the wound that is left afterwards lasts around 4-5 days, but can last up to a week or so.
Cysts are very frequently mistaken for oral cancer, and many people are very much afraid of cysts and their removal. This is a completely routine procedure, and is nothing to be afraid of- cysts are the immune response of a healthy body, and do not in anyway mean the body is sick.

Crown Lengthening

The extent of decay on a tooth can reach well below the gumline. If the bone material is threatened with infection, it can develop serious inflammations. A crown lengthening is one way to get rid of the pesky infected material. It is a single visit oral surgical procedure with a short healing time. During the procedure the gums are cut away to reveal the extent of the infection, and then a crown or filling is placed. 

Surgical Abscess Treatment

An abscess forms when bacteria that have been infecting the soft tissues for a while have done enough damage that the tissues become an open sore. If you have an abscess, contact a dentist right away.
There are many ways to treat an abscess, and depending on how deep, how wide, and in what position it is, and whether or not the teeth it is on or near can be saved or not. It is almost always a multiple step procedure, requiring more visits in order to completely get rid of the problem.  

Our dental practice is equipped to handle any sorts of oral surgical procedures. Our experienced oral surgeons and dental professionals will be happy to help save your teeth, but if an extraction has become necessary, you are also in the best of hands.  Come in and have a consultation session with one of our expert and caring oral surgeons, and they will give you any and all information you may need regarding this procedure. 

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