Cyst Removal

A cyst is a small sack formed around intrusive fluid, gas, or solid objects. They are usually harmless and rarely hurt at all, but it is wise to have them removed as they can become infected. If an infection occurs, the cyst becomes red, swollen and painful. Cysts can occur on any part of the mouth, including the bones and gums, and even the tooth roots.
Only an oral surgeon is qualified to remove these cysts, do not try to remove them on your own, as they might be near a nerve, and potentially irreversible nerve damage can occur. 


Cyst RemovalYou will have to come in to our London dental practice on a day when an oral surgeon is present in our London dental practice. You will receive oral surgery, and the cyst will be surgically removed from your mouth. This is a routine surgery and is quite safe and easy to withstand, you will not need to take a day off from work to have it completed. The surgery can be completed in as little as half an hour, given no complications. As with most oral surgery, an x-ray of the affected area is needed to make sure that no other structure will be damaged during the removal of the cyst.

Aftercare is very important in the success of any oral surgical procedure, and cyst removals are no exception. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided for 48 hours, to prevent dry socket from occurring, and dairy products should also be avoided until the surgical site is healed over completely.

We can provide cyst removals at our London dental practice whenever there is an oral surgeon present on the premises, which is usually twice a week. Call our customer care staff and they will be happy to recommend the next available appointment with an oral surgeon.



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