Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the growth of the teeth and jaws. It is in very high demand, as it is not just an aesthetic choice to have straighter teeth; if there no overlaps then teeth are easier to clean, resulting in fewer trips to the dentist, money saved, less cavities, and over all better oral hygiene. For children and adults, orthodontic braces can transform your smile.
To start with orthodontics you first have to get a referral from a general dentist. There many reasons for why a dentist might refer you to an orthodontist, but here are the most common :

  • protrusion of the upper front teeth, a very common ailment

  • crowding: this is when your jaw line does not have enough space to house all of your teeth, resulting in teeth overlapping each other. The other end of this spectrum would be to fix gaps between teeth.

  • asymmetry: if the central lines of the front teeth do not fit together this is referred to as asymmetry, and maybe a result of the teeth moving around or drifting, or the position of the jaw changing

  • a deep bite: when your upper teeth cover your lower teeth too much

  • reverse bite: when your upper jaw bites down behind the teeth on your lower jaw

  • open bite: when the front teeth do not touch while the back teeth do, the tongue can be visible in this case

  • impacted teeth: secondary teeth do not always erupt in the right place, or at all; orthodontry can make sure that the teeth in question go to the position that they were meant to be in.

Orthodontic Consultation

In order to receive any orthodontic treatment, you will first need a consultation with an orthodontist. There are a number of factors which you must consider when getting braces:
- the stage of development your teeth are in - if fully erupted, permanent teeth or not
- the proportion of the jaws in relation to each other, and in relation to the rest of the face
- where in your jaw the teeth are positioned
- if there is crowding, and how much of it there is
- how much you are willing to co-operate with the doctor

A number of preparations need to be done in order to guarantee the best treatment plan for you or your child.

These preparations include:

- a quick study of the proportion of the jaws and face, as well as the inside of the mouth
- photographs need to be taken of the mouth and face
- a study model of your teeth need to be made
- x-rays need to be taken of the teeth and the head in general, and these need to be analysed

After these examinations have been completed, and only after that, can we prepare a treatment plan for you, which itemizes each procedure designed to cure or alleviate your condition.

The consultation is basically a discussion of the treatment plan, in which each step of the treatment along with the price is discussed and combed over with one of our orthodontists, with the patient or legal guardian/parents of the patient present. In the case of children, both parents will be invited to the consultation. The orthodontic consultation costs 45 GBP, but the price is deductible from the treatment, basically making it free.

Treatments available at our orthodontic clinic include :

fixed braces - traditional braces, both metal and transluscent, such as Damon braces
removable braces - such as Invisalign
invisible braces - braces attached to the inside of teeth, such as Incognito braces
More details about each of these treatment options are available in the menu points to your right.

The panoramic x-ray costs 40 GBP, which is non-deductible. This x-ray is necessary for an orthodontist to be able to make a correct treatment plan.

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Adult Orthodontics

Adult braces have become more and more popular with the explosion of new invisible and transparent treatment options. No longer does adult orthodontics equal embarrassment at the workplace. While the process involved is identical to the traditional, options such as Invisalign, Incognito, and transparent Damon can correct the same range of problems with increased discretion, allowing adults to perfect their smiles without the ignominy of a mouth full of metal.

Orthodontics Braces

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