Aesthetic Damon braces

What are Damon braces?

Aesthetic Damon bracesDamon braces use the newer technology of self-ligating brackets to speed up and smooth out the orthodontic treatment process. These brackets have little trap doors holding in the guide wires, eliminating the need for the dentist to tie wire or elastic around each bracket during traditional tightening sessions, often cutting down the number of appointments required as well. Damon brackets use a slide mechanism coupled with titanium guide wires, thus reducing friction and decreasing the amount of force necessary for movement, thus allowing faster and often less painful treatment of even severe orthodontic problems.

For those who prefer the look of invisible braces, Damon offers translucent ceramic brackets in addition to the traditional metal.

On the flip side, as the brackets used with Damon braces are slightly larger than traditional braces, some patients report mild abrasions. As they are more difficult to remove, chances of damage caused to tooth surface are higher. And, like all clear braces, the material is more susceptible to stains from beverages or smoke.

What is the cost of Damon braces compared to other braces?

Damon braces are typically slightly more expensive than other types of braces when treating the same condition. Metal Damon braces are slightly cheaper than the aesthetic version. The advantage in speed and ease may or may not be worth the cost. That being said, for more difficult cases the higher price of materials could be offset by the reduction of number of appointments.

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