FAQ - Damon Braces

What are Damon braces?

Damon braces are a brand of fixed orthodontic appliances. Their specialty comes from being self-ligating, and they are made from a special alloy that is lighter than traditional fixed metal braces, and there are also tooth colored ceramic versions as well.

Damon Brace - FAQ

What does “self-ligating” mean?

With normal metal braces, ligation is achieved by inserting hooks on the brackets, and orthodontic elastics, or rubber bands are attached to pull the teeth to the position desired. The brackets on self-ligating braces are such that the wire can be adjusted to stand at virtually any angle, thus rendering orthodontic elastics obsolete. 

How long does the treatment take?

Each orthodontic treatment takes different amounts of time, depending on the patient’s teeth. Damon braces do take a shorter amount of time to achieve the best results, though, and may make your treatment time shorter. 

Can you be too old to get Damon braces?

No you cannot. If you want your teeth aligned quickly and with as little discomfort as possible, than Damon braces are right for you. Older patients may find that the treatment may take a bit longer, as the bones of humans harden with age.  

Damon Brace - FAQ

Will my insurance cover Damon braces?

If your insurance has an orthodontic option, then they will cover Damon and any other orthodontic system as well.

Do Damon braces take less time or the same as regular braces?

The self ligating system of Damon ensures a shorter treatment time in almost every case. However, it may be the case that you have to wear them for the same amount of time that you would be wearing your regular braces. The treatment time will never be longer than with standard braces

Damon Brace - FAQ

Why are Damon braces more expensive than regular ones?

Because Damon systems use their own materials that the dentistry has to purchase, and because the self ligating system involves more work on the part of the manufacturer. The wire is also a specially weighed and adjusted instrument, and as such costs more.

Why do you need to get different wires each time you go for an activation?

Because of the way that the brackets are set up, there is no way to tighten brackets, as there is nothing to tighten. There is no pulling of the wires either, the brackets position the wire at a certain angle, and a shorter wire makes sure that increasing pressure is applied to the teeth. This is why you need to get a shorter wire at each activation session.   


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