Process - Damon Braces

Damon Braces at Forest and RayThe process for any fixed braces begins with coming in for an orthodontic consultation session. During this session the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, a full panoramic x-ray, and provide you with a treatment plan. This treatment plan will involve the Damon self ligating braces, as opposed to traditional fixed braces. After this consultation the orthodontist will have to make a study model of your teeth, and then get the brackets that are designed to fit them.

The brackets play a very important role in the Damon orthodontic system, so it may take a little bit more time to prepare them. Once the braces are ready the brackets will be attached to your teeth with a special glue used only in the Damon system. The wire will be inserted, a much smaller (0.14 diameter) wire unique to the Damon orthodontic system. The brackets and the thinner wire allow for the abandonment of rubber bands. Once the braces have been fitted it is usual to feel a little bit of tenderness, as your mouth will be getting used to having orthodontics. After this, it is merely a question of coming back to us every four weeks for adjustments and activations.


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