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Do lingual braces cause more damage to the tongue?

Lingual brackets can cause damage to the tongue, especially while they are still new. Just as buccal (regular) braces can initially cause damage to the inner lip, patients generally adjust to their braces, learning what uncomfortable motions to avoid.

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Are lingual brackets more comfortable than regular ones?

Many patients have indeed reported that lingual brackets are more comfortable than regular ones. The pressure applied to the teeth is roughly the same, but having them on the other side of your teeth apparently makes them a little bit less irritating. 

Are there different lingual braces than Incognito?

Yes there are. Damon also makes a lingual bracket, as do many other companies. We use Incognito because they pioneered the technology, are the most trusted, and have the biggest fan base.

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What is a lingual brace?

A lingual brace is like a normal brace, except it faces the lingual side of your mouth, it is put on your teeth not facing outwards, towards your mouth, but on the inside on your face, facing your tongue. This is the definition of a lingual brace.

These types of dental braces can be administered for almost any treatments, however, certain alignments need to be adjusted from the outside, especially if headgear is involved. These are rare, however, and almost every adult tooth realignment can be solved with lingual braces.

Due to the positioning of lingual braces, almost all of them are self ligating, which means that lingual braces are considerably more expensive than buccal, or normal, run of the mill orthodontic braces.
Added extras are that patients usually report lingual braces as being more comfortable. If put on correctly, lingual braces do not touch the inside of the mouth, that buccal braces might do. The inside of the mouth is like a giant mucus membrane, and it can get scratched up and damaged from being worn. The only organ that can experience bruising or damage from lingual braces is the tongue. Braces can sometimes also demineralize pockets of your teeth, which can be unsightly and manifest as ugly stains or discoloration on your teeth. With lingual braces, these pockets will be invisible, as they are located in the inside of your mouth.  

I heard that the brackets are made of gold, is this true?

Yes, it is true that the brackets of the Incognito lingual brace are made out of gold. The reason is because gold alloys are semi-malleable, and are friendly to the human body meaning that most people will not have allergic reactions because of them. They are invisible though, so do not function as bling, seeing as they are on the lingual side of your teeth.

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