What are Incognito braces?

IncognitoWhile other braces options use materials designed to hide in plain sight, Incognito braces are truly, completely hidden. Lingual orthodontic appliances, the technology behind Incognito Braces, are appliances attached to the lingual side, or the inside of the mouth. This makes them all but impossible to see, unless someone is leaning inside your mouth.

The drawbacks of Incognito braces are that they can affect the speech, and can be abrasive to the tongue, causing soreness.

Please note that Incognito is a highly specialized treatment, is much more difficult to place inside the mouth, and requires a special subset of skills by the orthodontist. Not many practices offer this option, and it is rare indeed. This option has much higher fees than regular braces due to the extra training and experience required as well as the materials used. However it can be an excellent option when work or life requires complete orthodontic discretion.

Are Incognito braces right for me?

Incognito treats many of the same problems as traditional braces. As with all our orthodontic treatments, consultation is the best way to find out if Incognito braces are right for your individual needs. Our dentistry offers both a full orthodontic consultation, in which x-rays are taken and a treatment plan developed, or a pre-consultation, where you can ask any questions you may have.


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