Process - Invisalign

InvisalignStep by step

The first step of any orthodontic treatment is to come in for an orthodontic consultation. If Invisalign is deemed right for your treatment by the orthodontist, then he will make you a treatment plan that involves Invisalign braces. An impression of your teeth will be taken along with an orthodontic x-ray. If you need teeth extracted to prevent or correct crowding, or any other such procedures (teeth whitening, etc), they would be next. Sometimes these procedures can be undertaken during the consultation session.

After your invisalign brace has been made, the next step would be to receive your braces and put them in. Since Invisalign makes removable braces, this is a very short procedure. After that it is just a question of coming back to us every two weeks and receiving the new braces to put in. You should keep your old braces in case you lose your new ones or they get ruined. If this occurs, you should immediately get in contact with the dentistry so they can reorder the lost or damaged model, but the old one should tide you over until the new one arrives.


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