Process - Orthodontic Retainers

Retainers are sometimes worn as the only method of aligning teeth. This is a rare case, however, most of the time retainers are the tail end of a longer orthodontic treatment. If the retainer is used to help the teeth stay in place until the jaws stop growing, as is the case with adolescent braces, then they will usually be made along with the study model.

Orthodontics Retainers - Process

However sometimes teeth will change so much that the retainer has to be made after the orthodontics have done their magic. In this case a new impression needs to be made towards the end of the orthodontic treatment. This can be done at any activation and takes only 5 minutes. The impression is then sent to our dental laboratory, where the perfect fit will be made out of clear plastic and wires. A new appointment to get the retainer does not necessarily need to be booked as it is just a matter of picking it up and inserting. It might be beneficial to get an appointment, just to talk over the details and clear up any questions you still may have about the use of your new retainer, but it’s not necessary.


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