Root canal treatment

Tooth decay can affect more than just the surface of the tooth, it can burrow itself into the very tooth roots. If this occurs, a normal filling is simply not a solution. The roots of the tooth need to be treated in order to remedy the problem. At our London dental practice, we offer root canal treatments for patients in need of it, and almost all of our dentists are qualified to perform this dental treatment. Previously filled teeth may require this treatment, or teeth that break or otherwise start to have their dentine exposed also usually can only be healed using this dental treatment.   

Root Canal Treatment


A root canal treatment usually takes more than just one visit to the dentist. Ideally a root canal treatment can be performed with two trips to our London dental practice, but up to four visits may be required.
During the first dental treatment, you will have any infected tooth material removed. The dentine and tooth pulp are scraped out. After this, the roots themselves will be drilled until all of the infected surface is uncovered. Once the root has been bored out and cleaned, a medicinal, antibiotic filling will be used to fill the space that has been drilled and removed. A temporary filling will be placed on the tooth to keep the work site closed. After this, your visit will be over. You will be asked to come back in a few days time, as the medicine has to kill any remaining or possibly invisible infection that you may have. Please note that during this time period your face may swell up considerably, as antibiotics will be treating an infection, so this may result in some unpleasant times indeed. By the end of your waiting period, you should feel better; if you do not, another session will be booked and your tooth will be re-cleaned. If the swelling becomes quite painful, you can remove your temporary filling and let the tooth air out, this may help.
Once the infection has been fought off, you can go ahead with the next phase of your dental treatment. This time around your tooth will be cleaned once more, and a permanent, solid root filling will be placed in your roots. This root filling will be sealed with a filling on the surface of the tooth. Sometimes a filling is not enough at the end of a procedure like this, and crowns are needed to complete the treatment. If you feel you may need to have your teeth undergo a root canal treatment, do not hesitate to contact us at our London dental practice!

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