Tooth Extraction

We at Forest & Ray London dental practice try our best to save your natural teeth for as long as is humanly possible. But there is a time when decay is so extensive, and the tooth structure is so compromised, that it is simply in the best interest of the patient to have the tooth removed. Please be aware that a missing tooth can become a general condition, and tooth loss can indeed spread as the periodontium becomes less and less stable from missing teeth. If the unfortunate circumstance comes about that a tooth really does have to be removed, you should always look into what options you may have for tooth replacement therapy. 

Tooth Extraction



Tooth ExtractionThe procedure is about as straightforward as it will get when receiving dental treatment. You only have to go once to get your tooth extracted, you go in and they pull your tooth out. During this time, you may hear cracking sounds and feel your tooth root clinging as well. This is quite normal, and you need not worry, our dentists are committed to your well being first and foremost. It may even be the case that your tooth needs to be cut into several pieces and removed piece by piece. Whatever the case, a tooth extraction is a one stage dental treatment.

Aftercare is extremely important when dealing with extractions and extraction sites. The socket that once housed the tooth will be sore for several days to come, your doctor should prescribe antibiotics and painkillers as well. It is imperative that you refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol, as these can cause the condition known as dry socket, which is extremely painful and unpleasant. You should also refrain from eating dairy products, as these can have active bacterial cultures in it, and there are few places bacteria like to live in more than an exposed area of human flesh in the mouth. Your extraction site should look better everyday, and after 48 hours, it should still be tender, but you can resume life as you know it.

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