White fillings

White fillingDental fillings are considered a part of reconstructive, or conservative, dentistry.Fillings are used to repair and not to restore slightly decayed or fractured teeth. Instead of the old, unsightly, amalgam fillings that you may be familiar with, our London dental practice uses the more modern, tooth coloured white fillings.

The most common problem that results in the need for fillings is the loss of enamel. Loss of tooth enamel is unsightly and may also result in your tooth becoming more sensitive, even painful. By getting the fracture or cavity filled with our composite tooth filling, your tooth will regain its previous level of sensitivity.

The procedure is as follows

The site of the decay or fracture is cleansed with a hand tool, clearing it of debris and decay, and chipping off bits of your infected or broken tooth to ensure that none of the bacteria that cause tooth decay remain in the tooth. The tooth is then isolated to prevent moisture from interfering with the binding processes of the composite material.

The filling is made of composite gradia. A number of different kinds of adhesive are mixed with the composite material, bonding it. The bonding process is done with a light that hardens the material. The material is the same colour as your tooth, and is thus virtually invisible. Our dental practice has been using this material from day one; it is the tooth-filling material that we swear by. At first the material is soft and malleable, thus easily conforming to the shape of the cavity, and giving the dentist a chance to build the tooth up (if necessary) before the material sets.

This type of tooth filling is just as practical and durable as the old types of fillings, but has the added bonus of not being harmful to your health, and of looking just like your natural teeth. This is one of our dental practices’ most sought-after treatments, as it is the most common restorative dental treatment for minor problems. Our composite white dental fillings are the best option for those who need dental fillings, and our dentists are very experienced in handling and using these composite dental fillings.

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