Once you have booked your ticket and have got your appointment with the dentist the most important thing to consider is accommodations. It will be best to find something that is comfortable, for you will have just received a dental implant, and will be recovering from an invasive oral surgery. Give your body and mind the chance to heal and regenerate, and we will help you along the way.
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If you are too busy or are unsure what kind of accommodations you want, why not let us handle it for you! Juts tell us when you are arriving, and how long you are staying, and we will book an apartment, hostel or hotel room to accommodate you while you are staying in Budapest for dental treatment. Remember that most procedures require you to be grounded for 72 hours, so you will not be able to board an airplane for up to 4 days.

The perfect place

If you want to book accommodations for yourself, that is perfectly fine with us, too, but let us give you a few words of advice, to help you choose the best possible one, and give you a chance to recover in peace. First of all, the accommodations shouldn’t be very far from the clinic; although a taxi will take you to and from the clinic, it is easiest for you if you do not need to take long cab rides to get back to your accommodations. The place should be comfortable, and you may feel quite exhausted after getting a dental implant, so you definitely need a place that you can rest up in, so we recommend not having roommates or other people around. Some quite, clean and comfortable dwellings are ideal.


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