Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism

While getting dental treatment abroad is definitely cheaper, is it really worth it for every situation? The upsides seem pretty obvious, but what about the downsides? Are there any cons to dental tourism? We wish to inquire a little into this topic in the article below.
What is dental tourism?

To understand if this is good or not, we need to understand the process that is behind dental tourism. Dental tourism is a service n which a dentist offers treatment for patients arriving form a different country. Why would a patient travel to a different country for dental work? Because the same quality of dental care that patients in well to do countries are used to are available for much less in other countries, like in Central and Eastern Europe. Now with cheap air travel tickets available and daily flights leaving from most locations, going to another country is very easy, and thus the new industry of medical tourism, and dental tourism in particular is born.


  •  Dental tourism is only worth it in certain cases. After airline tickets and accommodations, you may be better off staying at home, so quickly calculate how much you would be saving, and if it is worth it.
  • Travel and dental treatment abroad is time consuming. You need to get there and stay for a few days, and if you have something you need to get done quickly, you may be better off taking care of it now, where you are.
  • Multiple step procedures may be difficult to handle abroad, and you may need to return more than once, which may be out of the question for some people, especially those of us with a very busy schedule.

The main pro is that dental treatment abroad is much cheaper, many times up to just a fraction of the original price, especially for complex treatments or prosthetics (bridges and crowns), even after airfare and accommodations are taken into account.

The treatment can be tied together with a holiday visit and stay, and so it doesn’t need to be hard on your free time.

Countries like Hungary have expert dentists that are very well trained, and so you are getting very high quality treatment.
If you are interested in staying for a few days in Budapest, a city with a long history of medical tourism, and seeing this millennium old capital city in all of its glory, why not register through our website or get in touch with us by giving us a call? 


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