Affordable Prosthetics?

When seeing the price of dental implants, it seems that the prices are completely out of control. They are so much more expensive than any other kind of dental restoration, and it seems almost absurd that they cost as much as they do. But dental implant supported dentures and bridges have several advantages that paradoxically make them much cheaper in the long run than any other kind of dental prosthetic. Here, l we wish to show you how much money you can save by getting the more expensive option.



Shifts in the mouth

When you do not get dental implants, but just get some prosthetics that are anchored to other teeth, then you will have paid less once, but you will be back in the chair before long, and you will pay again. This is because conditions in your mouth will change, and the gums and other soft tissues will shift, causing your bridge or denture to fail. This means you will have to get new ones, or get the old ones refitted, which will cost you time, money and patience. Dental implants, on the other hand, stabilise the soft tissues and cause them to remain relatively unchanged for a long time, meaning the bridges, dentures and dental crowns that go atop them will stay good for much longer.


Tooth loss

When you opt to just get dental prosthetics without dental implants, you will see more tooth loss. This is because the alveolus will be reabsorbed by the body, and the teeth will fall out over time. This will cost more in the long run, as these teeth also need to be replaced, and because having missing teeth causes a whole slew of other health problems that you will have to repair. These may include back and neck pain, digestion problems and the metabolic issues that result from not chewing your food properly, as well as social problems like unsightly smile, speech impediments and a lack of confidence, which can cost you a job or a romance.
Although getting a denture is much cheaper if you do not stabilise it with dental implants, in the long run you will be paying more, as you will have to get the denture refitted constantly, several times a year. There are negative health effects as well, because meanwhile, your alveolus is being reabsorbed, and you remaining teeth are loosening, and will eventually fall out. The denture sores and other problems you incur along the way are also a problem, so not only is this solution less comfortable and less healthy, it is also more expensive in the long run.  

Price: £5,8/D

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