Benefits of a Healthy Smile

Smile and laughter are the most natural way of expressing our happiness, but they have many other beneficial effects on our body. The process of laughing is a training for our entire body - it trains the muscles in our chest, our insides get more oxygen, and it also improves our blood circulation. So do not be afraid to laugh your heart out, it actually has a very positive effect on your heart! 

Healthy Smile

What a smile means

While a healthy smile is undoubtedly the default, uncontrollable instinctive response to happiness, smiling can mean numerous other things as well. Besides being the most natural way of expressing happiness, smiles have enormous social significance; we may express our good intentions with smiling, even if we do not feel happy at the moment, we may feel like we need to smile in certain situations even if we have to force it. These situations are different from expressing emotions with healthy smiles, and usually occur when someone smiles at us and we smile back not to be unpolite, or when other people are smiling, especially those we would like to impress. 

Smiles talk

The sociological implications of smiles and smiling are also manifold; we can easily distinguish between a toothy grin, an honest smile, and an ironic smirk. A smile is how people understand you and is the basis of many first impressions. A healthy smile will make sure that this first impression is positive, and is the single key factor in how people choose to judge you. A healthy smile communicates that the person wearing it is healthy, confident, and conveys positive emotions.

A healthy smile with smile makeover 

Although social factors, personal preferences and the fashion of the day all contribute to what we understand as a healthy smile, certain key factors seem to be more or less constant. A healthy smile is white, and shows a row of well aligned teeth.These factors are not only more beautiful but also healthier; smooth, well aligned teeth are easier to maintain, and white, shining teeth are healthier, because they have no staining materials or food detritus on them. Smile makeovers can change the colour, alignment and appearance of your teeth and even the length can be modified to a certain extent. 

If you are not satisfied with your teeth, do not hesitate to have a smile makeover, because if you finally stop trying to hide your smile you may not only avoid unpleasant situations, but also will become healthier and happier! 

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