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Chew Gum To Prevent Dental Caries!

Chewing gum is frequently assumed to be just a form of candy. This could not be further from the truth, especially with sugar free gum, which is not only good for your teeth and gums, but increases your saliva production and your ability to resist the bacteria that cause dental caries. Here is the skinny on how good sugar free chewing gum is for your teeth.

chewing gum
Chewing gum

Chewing gum prevents dental caries

Chewing gum will remove food detritus and bacterial colonies form between your teeth and from your tooth surfaces. This in and of itself makes sugar free gum good for your teeth, and we recommend chewing some after every meal. Chewing gum also will neutralize your mouth’s pH levels, which is good as this will prevent a too acidic environment from forming. An acidic environment contributes to the development of dental caries, and sugar free gum will prevent this from happening. The act of chewing releases saliva into your mouth which will lubricate your mouth, thus boosting your ability to fight off the bacteria that cause dental caries and periodontitis. Gum also freshens the breath, which is a real relief for many people fighting with halitosis.

Only sugar free chewing gum is a good warrior against a tooth decay!
It is important to note that only sugar free gum is good for your teeth. Other kinds of gum will cause sugar to get all over your teeth and will essentially feed the bacteria that cause dental caries.

Other things to chew

You can also chew a twig of tea tree in order to clean your mouth after a meal, and it does much of the same that sugar free gum does, including killing bacteria and removing food detritus from the gaps of your teeth, not to mention the fact that chewing a tea tree twig will also contribute to increased saliva production. To a much lesser extent so does chewing toothpicks, as these will also produce saliva and get rid of the things caught in the gaps of your teeth. Chewing a stick of celery will also produce the same dental caries preventing effects.

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