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Foods to Prevent Dental Cavity

Dental cavities are one of the most common dental problems. Around 90% of all adults on the planet have cavities, which makes it more and more urgent to find a good solution. As usually, prevention is the best way of being free of dental cavity, and when it comes to oral health, the number one method of preventing tooth decay is paying attention on what foods you eat. There are foods that harm and ones that help the tooth enamel, but it is also important to mention those that help fighing off the bacteria in your mouth. Here are the kinds of food you should eat if you would like to prevent dental cavity.

Foods to Prevent Dental Cavity
Foods to Prevent Dental Cavity

Foods against dental cavity: grape and red wine

Grape seeds contain a high level of polyphenols, that are antibacterial compounds. Fortunately, these polyphenols are present in red wine made of grapes, as well as de-alcoholised red wine and any kind of grape seed extracts. Luckily, grapes and wine tastes very delicious and in spite of being sweet, they are indeed very good for the health of your tooth enamel.  Another reason that drinking a glass of wine with your dinner is a great way to keep yourself healthy!

Foods against dental cavity: dairy products

Believe it or not, dairy products also contain materials that help to prevent dental cavities. Milk and many types of cheese (most of all, hard cheese) include lots of calcium, which is one of the ingredients of the tooth enamel. Therefore these products help to repair your teeth by converting calcium and proteins into the tooth. Be aware though, that after tooth extractions or oral surgery treatments, it is not recommended to consume any diary products for a while.

Foods against dental cavity: coffee

Contrary to popular belief, coffee can not only stain your teeth and make a whitening treatment necessary sooner than later, but a certain kind of coffee really does help to keep your teeth healthy. Robusta coffee has the ability to eliminate streptococcus bacteria and prevent having dental cavities.  Drinking it at light roast might be a good idea if your goal is making as sure as possible that you avoid cavities, because the compounds are better preserved that way.

Foods against dental cavity: coconut oil

Coconut oil also contains enzymes that can help to fight off any bacteria causing dental cavities. It also helps to prevent oral trush, a childhood disease caused by yeasts, and candida. It is very pleasant to consume coconut oil, as it tastes delicious, so it is not hard to convince your kids to eat fods with coconut oil in it. It can also be used instead of rape seed oil in cooking.

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