Dental Implant FAQ 3.

We have had the opportunity to talk to thousands of patients who were genuinely interested in getting dental implants. This has helped us to hear thousands of questions, complaints, misunderstandings and preconceptions regarding dental implants. Because of this, we have decided to run an FAQ of the most popular questions asked of us, so that patients can educate themselves before undergoing this cumbersome procedure.

Dental Implant FAQ 3.
Dental Implant FAQ 3.

Do dental implants hurt?

Dental implantation happens under local anaesthetic and so you should not feel a thing. But there can be some pain and discomfort afterwards, as the anaesthetic wears off. Make sure you get a prescription for pain medication, and take as much as needed when you feel hurt. The pain should go away in around 3 days’ time, and no soreness of sensitivity should remain afterwards.

Can I get my dental implants while I am under?

Technically speaking, there is no reason why you could not get dental implants done while asleep or under general anaesthetic, but good luck finding a dental clinic that has the licence, equipment and wherewithal to do so! Dental implantation does not require general surgery, and most often only hospitals can perform general anaesthesia, and dental clinics do not have the staff or the equipment to put a patient under.

When can I start eating?

You can start eating immediately after the initial swelling has gone down and the anaesthetic has worn off. After these, it is safe to eat, but make sure you stay away from dairy products or anything hard or spicy that can aggravate the area that has been implanted. Maybe a nice, mild soup will be a good first meal, and move onwards to more adventurous foods later on. 
Do NOT eat dairy products until the entire site has healed over and the blood clot has come off, or the bacteria in the dairy may colonise your wound!

Why do I need to get all of these procedures before I get my dental implants?
Many times, patients will be faced with a treatment plan that details a bunch of other treatments before getting dental implants. This is because oral surgery can only be safely done in a mouth that is clean, and has no on-going bacterial infections or other dental issues at the time of the actual implantation. This may require a whole host of preliminary dental treatments leading up to the actual placement of the dental implants.   

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