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Do you need tooth replacement?

Do you need tooth replacement?

It can happen at any age that we lose our teeth in an accident or due to genetics. The sooner we replace them, the better. If we are postponing the replacement, the jawbone can become thinner without the tooth root in it. The more time we wait, the likelier it gets that we will need bone grafting in order to have tooth implantation. With the following test, we help you find answers to your questions about tooth replacement.

How many missing teeth do you have?

If you have more missing teeth, they are placed:

How long have you been missing your teeth?

When you smile, does it show that you have missing teeth?

What is the most important for you regarding tooth replacement?

It is true about me that:

How old are you?

Would you consider an interest free finance option?

Would you consider treatment in Budapest to save costs?

Personal details:


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